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CSET Registration

A number of options are available for CSET registration. Applicants can register online up to 5 p.m. of the registration deadline for a particular test. Should you miss the deadline, it is still possible to complete a late or an emergency registration online for additional fees. Telephone registration is available for late or emergency applicants only, by calling (800) 205-3334 or (916) 928-4003 on weekdays until 5 p.m. Pacific time. Emergency registration, which has a higher fee attached, can be completed up until 4 days prior to the test. You can also register by mail.

Before you complete CSET registration, study test descriptions to make certain the one you register for is the one you need. Next, select from available test dates and locations. Early registration will ensure that your preference of dates and locations is available. Please note that some tests may not be given on certain test dates or at certain locations. You will be required to pay all test fees upon registration.

If you completed CSET registration and find you need to change your test, date, or location, you'll have to submit a withdrawal/refund request by 5 p.m. Pacific time on the late registration deadline in order to receive a full refund, with one exception: If your original registration was made during the late or emergency registration deadline, your late fees will not be refunded. The request can be completed by fax or online.

Registration fees depend upon which test or tests you have chosen. The fee for late CSET registration is $18, and if you must register during the emergency period, the cost is $35. Should you need to change your registration, you can do so at no additional cost. There are a number of additional services for which fees are attached. Additional copies of your results are $10 each. Should you need to clear your account due to a previous registration issue, such as a bounced payment, the cost is $20. Score verification for multiple-choice subtest portions is also $20; this includes scores for all subtests taken on that date. Constructed-response score verification costs an additional $50.

CSET registration fees can be paid using VISA or MasterCard. A debit card or check card that features the VISA or MasterCard insignia and doesn't require a PIN is also acceptable. If you prefer to register by mail, include a personal or cashier's check, a money order, or a credit or debit card number. Additional fees must be paid with a cashier's check or money order only.

Last Updated: 07/29/2014