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If you are one of the thousands of prospective Florida teachers who will be taking the FTCE Test in the near future, then you need to make sure you have every advantage possible when it comes time to walk into the testing center for your FTCE exam. There are ways of greatly improving your chances of making a passing score, and they are really not difficult to implement. Here are the top three tips to making a passing grade, thereby insuring that you can soon embark on your chosen career of teaching children.

Tip #1. Do not underestimate the FTCE test. This is one of the biggest mistakes teachers in Florida make. It is common to think, "I am a good teacher, and I know my stuff, so I will not have any problem passing the FTCE." Do not make this mistake. Every year many, many teachers fail this critical exam, and many of them would actually have made excellent teachers. They thought they would make an acceptable score on the exam, but now their careers are on hold because they did not take the test seriously enough.

Tip #2. Start preparing for the test well ahead of time. Last-minute cramming is not an effective strategy when it comes to preparing for the FTCE. It is not an effective strategy for prepping for any standardized test, for that matter. There is simply too much information covered on the exam for you to be able to master at the last minute. On top of that, cramming will wear you out mentally and have a negative impact on your performance the day of the test. Simply putting in an hour or two of study a night for a few weeks is all that is necessary, and anyone should be able to handle that.

Tip #3. Get a good FTCE study guide or a set of FTCE flash cards. These study aids have been proven time and time again to raise scores on all kinds of standardized tests. They are written by people who have studied the FTCE test and know what kinds of material will be on it. If you become familiar with FTCE study materials, you will not be flying blind when you take your exam. The better guides will also contain test taking strategies that help explain the nature of standardized tests, which can help you boost your score even higher. You should have no trouble passing the FTCE test if you follow these three steps: do not underestimate the exam, do not wait until the last minute to prepare, and use a good study guide or flash cards.

Last Updated: 07/29/2014