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GACE Test: How to Get a Good Score on the GACE

The GACE Test, which stands for Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators, is a battery of tests that must be passed in order to qualify to teach in Georgia schools. Georgia, like many other states, has made some dramatic changes to their teacher certification process in order to improve the quality of education that Georgia schoolchildren receive. The GACE Test ensures that every teacher in a Georgia classroom has met high levels of skill and competence in several areas. Passing the GACE Test is a must, but every year far too many potential teachers fail the test.

If you will be taking the GACE soon, let that serve as a wake-up call, but do not let it unnecessarily alarm you. While many fail the test, there is no reason you should. If you have the intelligence and dedication necessary to earn a college degree, you are certainly smart enough to pass the GACE Test. It is just a matter of being properly prepared. You have got to treat the exam with the respect it deserves, start preparing for it early, and avoid making the mistake of trying to go it alone.

One of the biggest mistakes that leads to a failing GACE score is procrastination. Of the people who fail the exam every year, most of them were most likely planning to study diligently for the test but never quite got around to doing so until the last minute. Then they tried to cram, which is not an effective way of preparing for a test like the GACE. Let this be a lesson to you: do not procrastinate! Set aside some regular study time well before your scheduled test date. By dividing the material into manageable sections and studying a little at a time, you will make regular progress without being overwhelmed.

Secondly, do not try to come up with your own study plan. Like all standardized tests, the GACE covers a wide range of material, and the content of the test is always changing. It is difficult for a person to be able to outsmart it on his or her own. There are some excellent study guides prepared by experts that will give you all the information you need to excel on the GACE Test. If you get one of these guides and start using it a few weeks before the test date, you should do quite well on the GACE.

Last Updated: 07/29/2014