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Doing well on the MTEL test requires understanding content and being fully prepared for questions on the tests you select. Spending enough focused time on MTEL practice just about guarantees you'll pass on the first attempt.

You've also got to know yourself. Consider how you learn best. What kind of study setting and practice materials work best for you? How can you organize review time most effectively? Also look at your lifestyle obligations. The hours you give MTEL practice are limited and intense. This will require sacrifice on your part as well as from your family, friends, and even work associates. But it's equally important not to abandon your life. That means tailoring practice time to allow you to attend to the basic needs of your spouse, kids, job, and other obligations.

Let's go back to the question of how you work best. For some, background music or conversations or even a ringing phone brings an MTEL practice session to a screaming halt. Others flourish with a bit of built-in chaos and find absolute silence so intimidating that it becomes its own kind of distraction. Some learn best by listening to a live instructor or tapes; others must write down information to retain it. It will take a little effort, but we recommend you discover your own style. Study guides or flashcards are available, or you can download online materials and study at the computer. There may be study groups you can join, or you could take a preparatory class (online or at a local college) if you've got the time and money. No matter what, you'll need to give a lot of focus to practice test questions. Because they're so important, we are providing a substantial number of high-quality, free, no-strings MTEL practice questions to help you figure out what you know and what you need to learn.

It might help you negotiate enough review time with family if you remind them that the ultimate payoff will affect them positively. A better-paying job can mean a great vacation and more family time and money to cover those little extras you can't now afford.

Find ways to invite your family into your study time. Most kids and mates love to help grownups study using flashcards as well as the free questions we are providing. This is a good way to spend quality time, and it makes the family an important part of the process. Success at your MTEL practice means success on your MTEL tests!

Last Updated: 07/29/2014