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The Praxis test is given to prospective teachers in order to make sure they are qualified and competent to lead classrooms and give kids a quality education. As America faces an ongoing educational crisis, states have recognized the need to make sure that students have great teachers in every classroom, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Several states use the Praxis exams as a basis for certifying their teachers. Failure the test means not being able to work as a teacher, so the stakes are high. There is no set minimum passing score; each state determines for itself what constitutes a good score on the Praxis exam.

The Praxis teaching certification battery is actually a series of tests that can be taken all at once or taken separately. Test takers also have the option of taking the test on a computer or with pencil and paper. There are specific content tests for teachers to demonstrate their expertise in their chosen subjects, such as Spanish, Algebra, etc. Each teacher must pass his or her content Praxis, as well as the general skills test. The general skills test covers Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. On the computer-based exam, the Reading and Mathematics sections each have 46 questions that must be completed within 75 minutes for each test. The writing section has 44 questions with a time limit of 38 minutes, and the test taker must also write an essay in 30 minutes.

The number of questions is slightly less for the pencil and paper tests, and the time allotted for each section is shorter as well. That is because the company that develops the Praxis uses the extra questions on the computerized version for research purposes, trying out questions for future editions of the exam. However, as these experimental questions do not count toward the actual score, it really does not matter which version of the Praxis exam a person takes.

Last Updated: 07/29/2014