April 16, 2018

Arizona Teacher Certification

Average Teacher Salary: $44,672
Average State Salary for All Jobs: $39,280

Coursework and Preparation Programs You’ll Need:

You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree before you can teach in Arizona schools. There are no special undergraduate coursework requirements in individual subject areas for Arizona teacher certification. You will, however, need to complete an Arizona-approved teacher preparation program. A list of approved programs is available here:
For a list of alternative teacher preparation programs, see the National Center for Alternative Certification Web site.


You’ll need to take the following test for elementary or secondary professional knowledge and for specific subject areas:

Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (AEPA) Official Site | AEPA Test

Reciprocity Agreements

The State of Arizona has reciprocity agreements to accept teaching credentials from most other states.

Facts about Arizona Teacher Certification

Differential pay support is available for teachers in high needs subject areas.
After teaching in Arizona for three years, a teacher becomes eligible for tenure.

For Further Information

You can contact the Arizona Department of Education about teacher certification about teacher certification at this address:
Arizona Teacher Certification
P.O. Box 6490
Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6490

Or you can call (602) 542-4367.
In addition, the following official Web sites have information about the Arizona teacher certification process:

Arizona Department of Education
Arizona Teacher Certification