April 19, 2018

Wyoming Teacher Certification

Average Teacher Salary: $43,225
Average State Salary for All Jobs: $38,160

Coursework and Preparation Programs You’ll Need:

You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree before you can teach in Wyoming schools. There are no special undergraduate coursework requirements in individual subject areas for Wyoming teaching certification. You will, however, need to complete a Wyoming-approved teacher preparation program. A list of approved programs is available here:
Regional Accrediting Bodies
For a list of alternative teacher preparation programs, see Alternative Licensure.


For teacher certification in Wyoming, you’ll need to take the following test for basic teaching skills:
PPST (Pre Professional Skills Test) Official Site | Praxis 1 Test
In addition, teachers applying in elementary education or for teaching social studies will also need to take appropriate sections of the following tests:
Praxis 2 Exams Official Site | Praxis 2 Test

Reciprocity Agreements

The State of Wyoming has reciprocity agreements to accept teaching credentials from most other states. For more information, see this Web page:
In-State Vs. Out-of-State

Facts about Wyoming Teacher Certification

Differential pay support is available for teachers in high needs subject areas.
After teaching in Wyoming for three years, a teacher becomes eligible for tenure.

For Further Information

You can contact the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board about teacher certification at this address:
Professional Teaching Standards Board
1920 Thomes Avenue
Suite 400
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Or you can call the Professional Teaching Standards Board at (307) 777-6261.
In addition, the following official Web sites have information about the Wyoming teacher certification process:

Wyoming Department of Education
Professional Teaching Standards Board